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Deposit Guide

Deposit Return

We really want to make sure you get ALL of your deposit back and therefore the below will help guide you with some handy pointers.

  • Ensure that your rent is paid up to date, as any arrears will be taken from your deposit.
  • Attend to all cleaning required.
  • Ensure all items listed on the inventory are present, in good condition and in the original location otherwise you will be charged.


Once notice has been given we will contact you to advise the final amount of rent due and on what date this needs to be paid. The check-out procedure will be explained in full, including details of the essential steps involved in the vacating process. At the check-out we will go through the inventory, take meter readings and detail any areas where we have concerns. Please ensure that the property is completely ready as you will be handing the keys back to us at this point.


We require a deposit for every tenancy, which may vary depending on individual tenant circumstances and instruction from the Landlord. This deposit is subject to allowable deductions, such as cleaning costs, damage to the property, missing inventory items, outstanding tenant charges and rent arrears. It is refundable only after you have vacated the property and when your tenancy has come to an end.

If you move out before your tenancy end date you are still liable for the rent and the deposit cannot be returned until the end date. We make every effort to return the deposit within ten working days where there is no dispute, however if there are deductions for works this can delay the refund as we then need to wait for invoices from contractors to come in. No charge will be made by Barbers in addition to the contractor’s invoices for any work carried out. Deposits will not be refunded until we have forwarding addresses for all tenants.

Your property will be inspected when you leave by Barbers Property Management following check-out. The property must be completely ready for checking at this time as any issues picked up cannot be rectified by the tenant after this inspection. Deductions will be made from your deposit to cover rent arrears, breakages, rubbish removal, repairs, cleaning, damage caused to fixtures and fittings, non-returned keys (leading to lock changes) and replacement items from the inventory. The deposit will generally be returned within ten days of your check-out providing agreement is reached over any deductions. Deposits will not be refunded in cash under any circumstances but can be refunded via cheque or BACS payment to a UK bank account in the name of the tenant(s).

Referral Fees

Barbers may receive referral fees for services including; Mortgage/Financial Services, Conveyancing, Relocation, Surveys and Tenant Services.

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