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Talking wet?

Posted on Monday, February 22, 2016

The summer months are generally a welcome time for our property management team when it comes to problems and faults with the properties we manage. However, during the winter months our biggest problem is damp! In most cases this is simply down to condensation. When tenants call the office they rarely use the C word, they simply see it as a damp problem!

Condensation is caused by moisture generated in a property that has no way of escaping. Most people understand this, others can be educated to manage the problem but there are those who, despite assistance, will continue to ignore the problem.

Removing mould caused by condensation can be problematic. You can paint over it but unless you remove what is causing the appearance of black mould it will only return.

If condensation occurs over a prolonged period of time, other signs will start to appear such as damp patches on walls, peeling wallpaper and ultimately black mould growth. This can lead to musty smells and damage to the fabric of the property.

With improved building features such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and draught proofing, natural ventilation is restricted.

A few tips for tenants are:

  • Try to keep the inside temperature reasonably constant for as much of the time as possible
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors. If you have no choice, place the clothes rack in a well ventilated room keeping the door shut
  • Do not dry clothes over a radiator
  • Ensure that any tumble dryer is properly vented or the condensate reservoir regularly emptied
  • Keep furniture away from walls
  • Do not disable any extraction units

All landlords want to create a pleasant and comfortable living environment whilst preserving the building and the capital investment that the home represents. A comfortable living environment will encourage the tenants to stay whilst preserving the building.

There are several solutions now available for condensation – we are able to get free surveys of properties to identify causes and present economical and extremely satisfactory resolutions.

Please contact me to discuss compliance, condensation or any rented property related matter on 01952 820239 or email

Richard Heath FARLA, FNAEA, CRLM

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