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DEF not Deaf!

Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Following on from last month’s piece when a potential client asked why they should choose Barbers over one of the new online agents… here is the next instalment of my alphabet of reasons.


D stands for direct contact. This is a really important part of our business and one on which we work very hard. It’s vitally important that our customers feel they can talk to us regarding any property matter and be able to communicate with us either face-to-face or by telephone or any social media of their choosing, it’s up to them/you. But we believe it is very useful to come in to speak to us if you need to, there is nothing like talking to a human being and we like to listen to our customers and respond accordingly. This is very much a people business and we evolve to suit your needs.

D is also for diligent, the definition of which is having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties. And that is exactly what we stand for!

E is for effort… we don’t just stand there, we do something.

E is also for easy to deal with… ask our customers. We would always go above and beyond for our customers, just try us.

F is for first. We are the number one selling agent in Newport and in Market Drayton and in Whitchurch. And we are number one for very good reasons. As a very good friend of mine once said, you make your own success, and as a group we are all instilled with and were employed for our skills and personalities. These skills filter down and create the ethos of the company.

F should always stand for fun, and although it is a serious business selling homes, we always try to see the fun side of things and that keeps us centred and down to earth.


Post Brexit things were a bit quiet for a while But business has picked up nicely , viewings on properties are high and offers have been coming in thick and fast. This is a heartening matter and proves that we are able to pick ourselves up, not listen to the doubters and plough on into the future which by all accounts is looking bright. I now need more properties to satisfy demand  so come on everybody book that appraisal we will be happy to give you our professional advice.


And now to continue with my ABC of reasons to choose Barbers, I’m being  told to hurry it up now or it will take all year so getting to G, I would have to say this stands for Great not good and goes with service, and G is for  Go for it which shows our proactive nature


H. stands for Hands on, all the staff in the Newport office and the rest of the company pride themselves on their hands on approach we all take responsibility for our clients and deliver a personal service.


I is for the intelligent approach to selling your home , we put a great deal of thought into maximizing your property and getting the best deal for you .


J is for Jam packed with  features  we produce high quality sales details, superb wide angle lens photography enhances your home, exceptionally wide coverage of your property on line through Rightmove Zoopla, Prime location and our very own updated and easy to use website  and our 5 offices are interlinked by computer and able to book viewings for each other, There is more but you will have to ask!


K is for Kindness, selling homes is often an emotional business and we are here to make the emotional  journey as bearable as possible.


L is for Love selling property , No need to say anything else. and on that high  note  I will end this month’s editorial.


Mark Bielby FNAEA
Residential Sales Manager, Newport

September 2016

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