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COVID-19 Update

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020

At Barbers, we are committed to the safety of all of our customers as well as our staff members and we have been taking guidance regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

With the spread of Coronavirus making headlines across the world, we are taking measures to ensure that we act responsibly to reduce the risk to everybody - including not shaking hands when meeting customers, so please don’t be offended. We are also washing hands at regular intervals, including using antibacterial hand gels when on appointments and gloves and regularly disinfecting our office spaces.

We shall give practical guidance and ask more questions than usual before all viewings and any other business appointments – again we hope you appreciate why.

We are also taking precautionary measures to further protect our staff and customers and ask that all visits to our offices are made by appointment only – we are able to deal effectively with the majority of enquiries via the telephone or email.

Please look out for further details and updates on our website –

Visit our contact pages for e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Referral Fees

Barbers may receive referral fees for services including; Mortgage/Financial Services, Conveyancing, Relocation, Surveys and Tenant Services.

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