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Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

As the days shorten and the leaves begin to fall, so does the temperature begin to fall and the cold winds of winter start to blow – it is the perfect time to ensure that heating is in full working order, windows are sealed, and all outside repair work to your property complete ready to keep your tenants safe and warm for the winter months ahead.

It is also a good time to consider any compliance issues that may need attention as tenants start to spend more time indoors with heating and more electrical appliances being used.

We have recently changed our policy on Carbon Monoxide detectors, having read articles both in the property press and government safety guidelines we feel we have a duty of care to suggest that landlords have one in their property however it is heated. The legislation dictates they have to be fitted next to solid fuel stoves, open fire places and bio mass boilers.

We have now had the horrors of Halloween and there is nothing more frightening than the thought of mould growing in your property – seasonal and scary though it maybe it is treatable in most cases, here at Barbers we do have a range of solutions available – from simple literature on living conditions to ventilation system installations.

It is worth just checking any shutter or roller blinds that you have in your rented property as people will be more inclined to be inside, especially those with small children, the statistics on fatalities due to the length of the cords is disturbing.  The regulations ban the use of cords or chains where a hazardous loop could be formed in premises where small children 0-42 months could be present, clear warnings and a safety device must be fitted.

For advice on any of the above please email me on or call the office at Newport on 01952 820239 

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